Currently working at Starbreeze Studios
Cinematic Animator / 3D Generalist

Working with Global Marketing to produce trailers & promotional material.
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Self-taught, self-driven, self-sufficient
I easily adapt to new or proprietary software, and gladly participate in R&D of pipelines.
I also work well with short or sudden deadlines - within reason.

Wide & flexible skillset
Experience with animation, rendering, storyboard, script, editing, cinematography, mocap work/directing, photography & more.
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I’ve worked with Starbreeze Studios for two and a half years. Originally I was hired for in-game animations but I was quickly allocated as a Cinematic Animator. Since October 2014 I’ve made trailers and promotional artwork not only for Starbreeze’s own titles / games and hardware (PAYDAY 2, Overkill’s The Walking Dead, STAR-VR & STORM), but also for published titles (RAID & Dead By Daylight).

Below is a handpicked list of some of trailers I’ve had involvement in – my personal favorites. For a full list, click me.

Trailer Name Release Date Primary Tool(s)
PAYDAY 2 – Happy Birthday / Female Heister Teaser October 26th, 2014 Mental Ray / Autodesk Maya
PAYDAY 2 – Jacket Character Pack Trailer February 25th, 2015 Source Filmmaker / Autodesk Maya
PAYDAY 2 – The Butcher’s Western Pack Trailer April 28th, 2015 Source Filmmaker / Autodesk Maya
PAYDAY 2 – The Road to Crimefest Trailer September 28th, 2015 Source Filmmaker / Autodesk Maya
PAYDAY 2 – The Crimefest Trailer October 15th, 2015 Source Filmmaker / Autodesk Maya
PAYDAY 2 – Wolf’s Party Trailer October 20th, 2015 Source Filmmaker / Autodesk Maya
PAYDAY 2 – Chains Holiday Special 2015 December 25th, 2015 Source Filmmaker / Autodesk Maya
Dead By Daylight – Launch Trailer June 13th, 2016 Unreal Engine / Autodesk Maya
Dead By Daylight – The Hag / Of Flesh & Mud Teaser December 6th, 2016 Redshift / Autodesk Maya
Dead By Daylight – Left Behind Trailer March 8th, 2017 Redshift / Autodesk Maya

As you may have noticed, a lot of these trailers were actually produced with Valve’s own “Source Filmmaker” tool. This was in part due to our tight bond with Valve, and because we wanted fast results that looked good (given we did/do not have access to a full render farm). However, at the start of 2016 however we switched to something more robust; a GPU-based renderer called Octane which was mostly used for promotional artwork as we slowed down on trailer production.

Recently we switched again to the biased render engine Redshift – which I will gladly recommend for anyone on a tight budget, but wants fast render results. That is now currently what we render trailers & promotional artwork in.


Prior to studio-work at Might & Delight (where I did in-game animation for the game “Shelter 2”) and Starbreeze, I freelanced for my YouTube-channel between 2013-2015. I worked with larger channels, such as Markiplier & PewDiePie on animated short films.

My commissions for freelance work have been closed since late 2015, and the “Coyotemation” brand has, since April 2017, been retired.